Jackman - Aquacomet Swimming Pool Enclosure

https://www.endlesssummer.co.uk/swimming-pool-productsWhile the south coast of England undeniably gets more hours of sunshine than the rest of the UK, it is still subject to the tumultuous British climate. For this reason, pool owner Mark Jackman from Brighton opted to install an Aquacomet enclosure to ensure year-long use. With a range of flexible options available to ensure protection from the elements all year long, choosing a durable swimming pool enclosure from Certikin was a no-brainer.

“The pool was high maintenance and the wind often made it unpleasant when swimming” says Mr Jackman. “Using it outside of the summer months was totally out of the question. It was an eyesore, totally filled with leaves and debris.”

After a short consultation with Giles Leisure, Mr Jackman was introduced to Aquacomet’s range of pool enclosures. The client chose a compact solution where all sides can be neatly folded away, leaving only the sleek aluminium legs exposed. Fixed load bearing profiles are installed every 2 metres, while the doors are made of transparent polycarbonate allowing the enclosure to open up to a height of 2.1 m along both sides. Additionally, the pool can provide ventilation by opening only the upper parts, maintaining a childproof barrier around the pool.

Ultimately, the client was more than satisfied with the end product. “I could not be more delighted with the result”, Mr Jackson states. “The attachment to the rear garden wall and the way it has been sealed surpassed my expectations. We can swim all year if we wish and maintenance has been massively reduced.”

“I recommend a pool enclosure as the perfect home swimming solution.”

Endless Summer are a leading supplier of Aquacomet Swimming Pool Enclosures. To find out more about the range, please visit our product page or contact us.

Aquacomet swimming pool enclosure installed in Brighton.
Aquacomet swimming pool enclosure installed in Brighton.
Aquacomet swimming pool enclosure installed in Brighton.
Aquacomet swimming pool enclosure installed in Brighton.

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