Fastlane Swimming Machine

While many of us dream of having the ability to swim length from the comfort of our own home, the reality is that a full-size pool is impractical for many gardens. Thankfully, the Fastlane Swim Machine can provide a viable alternative in an efficient and space-saving package.

The unit is installed at one end of a small pool, where its counter-current allows the user to swim for miles without moving an inch. From beginners to experienced athletes, the Fastlane provides a range of different intensities to suit all needs. Perfect for training, regular exercise or simply having fun, the Fastlane Swim Machine brings the features of a full-size pool to even the most modest garden spaces. Whether you’re a casual swimmer or an Olympic athlete, the Fastlane Swim Machine adds a new dimension to your pool.

Take your exercise to the next level

The new Fastlane Fit@Home allows you to control your Fastlane from any smart device. Click here to find out more

  • Custom designed 40.6cm Propeller.
  • Discrete submerged Hydraulic motor with rugged 5-hp Power Unit.
  • Installation options for any pool, including concrete, vinyl-lined and fibreglass units. 
  • Remote control with speed and intensity options.
  • Available for pools as shallow as 99cm.
  • No poolside electrical connections.

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