Why Should I Choose One Piece Swimming Pools?

You might not know it but there are many different ways to build a pool, all of which have different design, cost, and installation implications. A one-piece swimming pool, or monopool, does exactly what it says on the tin. Each pool is made to the exact measurements of the location, delivered to the customer and installed in one piece.

A swimming pool is much more than a glamorous accessory for your garden: it can transform your outdoor space into a resort that you’ll never want to leave over the summer months. Choosing the construction of your pool will be one of the first things on the list, having already mapped out the perfect sun trap.

Why Should I Choose One Piece Swimming Pools?

Easy Installation

Made specifically to your garden’s measurement, a one-piece swimming pool is assembled off-site before being delivered and installed, making for a smooth and seamless process. Excluding the time it takes to prepare and excavate the ground, a one-piece swimming pool can take around a month from start to finish. By choosing a manufactured pool, the possibility of spending more time and money on construction is greatly decreased in comparison to choosing a tiled pool. Harsh weather such as wind, snow, and rain can often hamper the ability to deliver a tiled pool project on time.

The design is down to you

With a range of different shapes and sizes available, the possibilities to create a pool that is unique to you and your requirements are endless. There are multiple additional extras that can be added to your one-piece swimming pool, including skimmers, covers and cutting-edge designed stairs, which emphasise the personal feel to your own outdoor pool paradise.

Easy to maintain

The advantage of purchasing a one-piece pool is its longevity. Little can go awry with the fibre glass shell, as there are no tiles or liners that can break or become damaged. The shell can additionally offer increased insulation, therefore making a one-piece swimming pool more economically sustainable over its lifetime. The overall maintenance needed to keep a monopool looking as inviting as ever, even in the winter months, is much lower in comparison to other construction styles; unlike concrete pools, the structure will not need liner replacements.

With a non-porous, smooth material covering the outer shell of the pool, there is little opportunity for algae to grow, helping to reduce the need for the correcting chemicals which normally ensure a safe balance of the water. Furthermore, with modern salt purification systems, a one-piece swimming pool has no potential for corrosion, making the upkeep of your pool easy and manageable.

Non –Slip Assurance

A one-piece swimming pool, devoid of tiles, offers the safety and comfort of a non-slip coating that can be added during the manufacturing process.  Entry steps and the pool floor itself can benefit from this extra service, giving pool-goers peace of mind when entering and exiting their pool.


Endless Summer are proud to stock a range of NIVEKO Monopools. With over 20 years of experience, NIVEKO are at the forefront of cutting-edge design and pool technology, their name synonymous with uncompromising quality.

For more information about the one-piece swimming pools we stock, or to seek professional answers to any questions you may have regarding a future project, our friendly customer service team are on hand online or over the phone, ready to answer your questions. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and ensure your summer is endless with the purchase of a one-piece swimming pool.

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